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Method of sale

At Ray White Toowoomba, we pride ourselves on achieving the best possible price for our clients and when it comes to selling your home, choosing the right method of sale is paramount to your success. Your selection should take into account how motivated you are to sell, what your time constraints are and most importantly what process best suits you and your property. As experienced agents we’re happy to help you with your decision to ensure you achieve the most positive outcome.

Sale by private treaty
Your property would be placed in our hands as exclusive agents for an agreed period of time. As your exclusive agent we realise the accountability inherent in your commitment to us and seek to outline and deliver a schedule leading to success for you.

This appointment is accompanied by an agreed listing price. The terms of the final contract can be changed as a consequence of negotiations with the buyer.

Some consider this method suitable if they are not in a hurry to sell and are prepared to wait until the right buyer comes along.

  • Placing a price on your home guarantees that the amount set will be the maximum price you will be likely to achieve. People often offer less, but rarely more!
  • This may lead to sellers inflating the price which itself eventually has a negative effect upon the price achieved.
  • As a result of the unlimited time frame, there may be less urgency placed upon potential purchasers to buy your property.
  • Buyers own personal needs and the general market conditions are the only two things placing pressure on the buyers.

Sale by public auction
The sale of property by auction is widely recognised as the most effective and successful method of achieving a premium price for your property in the shortest possible time. This is achieved by the following:

  • Your property will be marketed without a price thus eliminating the possibility of underselling or the negative impact of it being overpriced.
  • An auction advertising campaign is designed around your commitment to sell creating significant urgency in the mind of each buyer.
  • Motivated purchasers like to know that they are dealing with a motivated vendor.
  • The unconditional contract of sale will be on your terms and conditions.
  • An auction date creates a point of focus yet still allows purchasers ample time to complete their own inquiries and arrange finance. On the actual day of the auction each potential purchaser can clearly see their competitors, which builds a competitive, emotive environment, often resulting in a premium price.

Sale by tender
The marketing concept for this strategy is similar to that of auction except that both you and the purchaser can achieve a sale in a more confidential manner.

The purchaser must complete a form of tender and submit this together with a preliminary deposit to the agent before the determined closing date. As the seller, you may accept, reject or further negotiate with whichever tender you wish.

The disadvantage is that a purchaser may impose conditions with their offer and these conditions could be subject to considerable negotiation prior to the sale being effected.

For an informed discussion regarding the process of selling your home please get in touch – we’d love to help you achieve the most successful outcome possible.