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Advice For Tenants

We want to find you a home 
At Ray White Toowoomba we have a dedicated team focused on finding you a property. All our properties are listed on this site and include comprehensive details and photographs. Your request for inspection will be our pleasure to fulfill.

Once you have found the right property
It is essential that each person who wishes to reside in the property complete an application form in full. Should you require assistance with completing the form, we would be more than happy to help. When you return the application you must ensure all information requested is supplied in order for us to give you a quick response. You will be notified of the result immediately the owner has advised us of their decision. Please ensure we have a daytime telephone number to contact you.

Securing your tenancy
Upon the application being approved an appointment is arranged for you to sign your tenancy agreement. Prior to moving in you will be required to pay a full bond (four times the weekly rental) and a further 2 weeks rent. Unfortunately we do not accept bond transfers and bond loans are at the discretion of the owner.

Payment of this money must be in cleared funds – money order or bank cheque only. No personal cheques can be accepted nor is a cash payment able to be accepted as for security reasons our agency is cash free.

Keys to the property will be handed over once all monies are paid in full, the lease signed by all parties and lease start date has commenced. We keep a spare set of keys in the office. Should you lose your keys or have locked yourself out you may collect our set during office hours. After hours our recommended locksmith may be contacted.

Electricity, gas and telephone 
It is your responsibility to have all services at the property placed in your name and to arrange a final meter reading prior to vacating. Contact numbers for these services are:
Ergon 131 046
Telstra 132200
Optus 133 345
If you require assistance for all connections we offer Ray White Connect who will arrange these on your behalf.

Condition report 
This is a very important document when moving into a rental property. It must be filled out by both the tenant and agent to ensure both parties agree to the condition of the property. Please return the completed condition report to us within three business days of moving in.

Only the people originally included on your application and approved by the owner are allowed to reside at the property permanently. If a new tenant wishes to replace an existing tenant, please ensure our office is informed in order to approve the new application and complete the RTA paperwork. Please contact your property manager for more information.

Paying rent and office hours
Our office is open weekdays 8.30am – 5.30pm, Saturdays 8.30am – 12.30pm. Should you wish to see your property manager, please contact our office to make an appointment time that is suitable for both parties.

We have several options to pay rent, however we do not accept cash at our office for security reasons. Please discuss the alternate payment options with your property manager. Rent is payable in advance and should reach our office on or before the due date.

Repairs and requests
We ask that you report any matters requiring repairs or requests immediately to avoid the risk of injury to visitors or damage to the rented property. Notification of maintenance should be in writing allowing us to open a file regarding your request. Please note maintenance problems attended by tradespeople at the tenants request outside our normal business hours will be at the tenant’s cost unless it is proven to be an emergency.  To speak to us regarding after hours emergency repairs (outside of normal business hours only) please call 0488 666 429. Maintenance request forms must be completed as we are unable to provide tradespeople with your contact details for repairs without the necessary privacy release signed. The repair/request form can be posted, emailed, faxed or dropped off at the office. For ease and efficiency please complete all sections. The repair form can be downloaded from this web site.

Excess water 
As outlined in your Tenancy Agreement, you will be responsible for payment of excess water usage at the property. Should your rental property be water compliant, you are responsible for payment of all water usage.

Contents insurance
Please be aware that the owner’s property insurance does not cover your personal belongings and it is in your interest to obtain contents insurance in case of damage or theft. Ray White Insurances offer a policy suitable for tenants. Please speak to your Property Manager for further information.

Pictures and wall hangings
Please do not use Blu-Tack or sticky type substances to hang or place pictures on the wall as removal of these items usually causes damage to the walls. If no picture hooks are in the premises please contact us to arrange for approval by the owner.

Unless a pet is specifically approved on your lease, pets will not be allowed at the property. Please note that in unit complexes the Body Corporate By-Laws do not allow pets.

As stated in your Tenancy Agreement, you are responsible for the lawns and gardens unless specified beforehand. This means watering, weeding, trimming and mowing. Seek advice from your property manager before removing any plants or pruning large bushes/trees, and take note of relevant water restrictions. We are happy to recommend a garden maintenance tradesperson if you would like to accept responsibility for these costs.

Routine inspections
We conduct routine inspections on all our properties approximately every seventeen (17) weeks and will advise you in writing prior to the inspection date. This is a good opportunity to point out any maintenance problems or other concerns you may have. Repair request forms are available from our web site. If you are not present, we will access the property with our spare keys.

Property for sale
If during your tenancy the property goes up for sale, you will be advised accordingly. If you are under a fixed term lease, your agreement remains in place. If you are on a periodic tenancy (month to month), the owner must give you four (4) weeks notice to vacate the property once the property has an unconditional contract on it.

The Ray White Toowoomba team greatly values the quality relationships we build with tenants and feel we are achieving our goals when your recommendation is received.

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